This is a list of all the different materials used in the body jewellery I manufacture, I will do my best to keep this page up to date and add pictures of rough and raw materials. Some pictures of stones below are a mixture of dry and wet, I have wetted some slabs to show what the colour of the stone is likely to be when polished. It is worth keeping in mind that some material varies greatly and the exact pieces pictured could have been used up all ready. If you have some specific colouring or patterns in mind please contact me with what you want made and these requirements as I am happy to search through my available pieces to meet your requests. These pages are undergoing updates, if you have questions more up to date info can be provided by email.

Synthetics and Metals      
PTFE Delrin Synthetic Opals Metals  
Black Ebony Wood Lignum Vitae Wood Pink Ivory Wood Olive Wood Bloodwood
Zebrano Wood Castello Box Wood Amboyna Burl &

Straight Grain

Black & White

Tiger Ebony Wood

Osage Orange Wood
Other Organics        
Buffalo Horn Antler Cow Horn Bone Tagnua Nut
Labradorite Chrysoprase K-Scope Jasper Blue Tigers Eye Picasso Jasper /

Cheery Creek Jasper

Lapis Lazuli Ocean Jasper Kambaba Jasper Dark Green Aventurine Rutilated Quartz
Bloodstone Amethyst Rose Quartz Amazonite Noreena Jasper
Indian Banded Agate Yellow Tigers Eye Blue Lace Agate Unakite Green Moss Agate
Zoisite Cheetah Agate Lizard Stone Botswana Agate Rhodonite
Jelly Bean Jasper Tourmalinated Quartz Pietersite Red Moss Agate Citrine
Wavy Jasper Quartz Idocrase Rhodochrosite White Common Opal Green Common Opal
Fluorite Carrasite Biggs Jasper Dragons Blood


Gary Green Jasper Rose Jasper Rainforest Jasper Succor Creek

Landscape Jasper

White Quartz
British Columbian

Ocean Stone

Spiderman Jasper Charoite Owyhee Jasper Indian Blanket Jasper
Ruby in Fuchsite Yellow Common Opal African Bloodstone Ruby in Kyanite Cherry Quartz
Emerald Quartz Red Lavic Jasper Gem Silica Tiger Tail Jasper Ghost Agate
Amethyst Sage Dendric Arizona Petrified Wood Butte Jasper Agate Blue Aventurine Leopard Skin Jasper
Lepidolite Owyhee Picture
Pakistani Onyx Plasma Agate Pilbara Jasper
Red Jasper Red Crazy
Lace Agate
Turritella Agate Saddle Moutain
Petrified Wood
Tiger Iron
White Crazy
Lace Agate
Red Yellow
Jasper Agate
Smokey Quartz Maury Moss Agate Peach Sonora Dendritic
Red Tigers Eye Calcite With Dendrites Carnelian Agate Blue Sonora Dendritic Tuscarora Petrified Wood
Obsidian Silver Sheen Obsidian Gold Sheen Obsidian Snowflake Obsidian Rainbow Obsidian
Mahogany Obsidian Chiapas Amber a a a
Black Jadeite Dark Olmec


Light Olmec


Dark Spotted

Jaguar Jadeite

Light Spotted

Jaguar Jadeite

Ice Blue


Dark Blue


Translucent Blue


Manzana Jadeite Green/Blue


Dark Green/Blue



Green Jadeite

Jaguar Jadeite Pricessa Blue


Blue Snowflake


Steel Blue Jadeite Green Jadeite Pink Jadeite Purple Jadeite  
BC Jade Yukon Jade Dark Green Jade Siberian Jade  

Washington Jade

Blue Washington Jade Blue Dream

Washington Jade

Hetian Yellow Jade White Jade
Opalite (Glass) Goldstone (Glass) Slag Glass Cats Eye Glass Glass