This is a list of all the different materials used in the body jewellery I manufacture, I will do my best to keep this page up to date and add pictures of rough and raw materials. Some pictures of stones below are a mixture of dry and wet, I have wetted some slabs to show what the colour of the stone is likely to be when polished. It is worth keeping in mind that some material varies greatly and the exact pieces pictured could have been used up all ready. If you have some specific colouring or patterns in mind please contact me with what you want made and these requirements as I am happy to search through my available pieces to meet your requests. Listed in no particular order.

You can click the pictures to see large versions some of them are quite big pictures so may take a while to load.

  PTFE - or Polytetrafluoroethylene or as it is better known Teflon. This is a great material for use in body piercings especially for those people with allergies to nickel or other metals. The surface of PTFE is smooth so any substances, such as the discharges from the piercing are easily cleaned off, making it very suitable for initial piercings and for use during the healing period, including fresh stretches. This material can be autoclaved. It only comes in white.
  Delrin - is similar to PTFE is slightly harder and takes a much shiner polish, comes in a range of colours from natural white to dyed black. This material can also be autoclaved but I only recommend PTFE for initial piercings as black delrin I use has been dyed with a carbon based dyed, and although rare could case irritation to fresh piercings or stretches.
  Metals - I tend to use a range of different metals as accents to pieces, detailing, hardware settings and sometimes as the base of the jewellery itself, the metals that I use are copper, brass, silver and gold.
  Buffalo Horn - All the buffalo horn I use has come from working stock animals. No animals were harmed just for their horn and are a by product of animals used for food or ploughing fields. Buffalo horn varies from black to light brown to grey in colour but is predominantly black. Other natural variances to the buffalo horn include streaks or stripes, or patches of colour variance and sometimes the appearance of a grain.
Black Ebony Wood - This pure black gabon ebony takes a serious shine, it is a popular choice for a range of plugs, tunnels and weights. Makes excellent pieces, can be made into plain plugs or have inlays set into it.
Lignum Vitae Wood - This wood smells lush and is one of the woods that changes from a light sandy colour to antiqued green with age. The green colour only gets more intense with age. Suitable for all types of jewellery and inlays. Picture shows a well aged piece that I have here, estimated at least 4-5 years since it was cut.
Pink Ivory Wood - I have a range of pink ivory on hand from premium bright pink to nearly red in colour and also light pink shades with the occasional streak of orange or yellow. It is a lovely hardwood and take a glassy finish. Suitable for all types of jewellery and inlays. Picture shows the dark pink ivory wood at the top and the lighter at the bottom.
  Bloodwood - This wood is a deep dark red colour with a tight grain, take a nice shiny polish. Suitable for all types of jewellery and inlays.
Olive Wood - The olive wood that I carry has some of the finest grain and patterning, it is a lighter sandy colour with a darker brown to black veins. Suitable for all types of jewellery and inlays.
Zebrano (Zebra) Wood - This wood is similar in colour to olive but with different patterns. Suitable for plugs, tunnels and inlays but can be on the fragile side for some carved hanging designs or thin pieces.
Castello Box Wood - A lovely light blonde coloured wood with little grain/pattern to it. Suitable for all types of jewellery and inlays.
Amboyna Burl & Straight Grain - Amboyna burl is a popular wood for both plugs and inlays as it polishes up wonderfully and has a wicked tight grained pattern to it. I also have some part figured pieces that are mostly straight grained amboyna wood which is lovely in itself, and does sometimes have some small amounts of the tight grained burl.
Black & White Ebony - Sometimes also called tiger ebony this wood takes an excellent shine and is suitable for most pieces of jewellery (plugs, inlays and tunnels.) and is very dense, pieces made from this have a nice bit of weight (size dependant of course) for wood.
Osage Orange - is a very bright and vibrant wood as you can see from the picture. Ranges from deep rich orange colours through to lighter yellow/orange colours. Suitable for all types of jewellery and inlays.
  I also carry a small selection of hardwoods that are ONLY suitable for inlays into other materials, these include purple heart, paduak, and bog oak.
Chrysoprase - This stone comes direct from a small time miner out in Australia and is of AAA+ gem grade quality, the pieces carved from this material seem to almost glow. A absolutely stunning material, it is semi-translucent and the exact shade of green can vary slightly. Suitable for a wide range of pieces and would great in any piercing!
K-Scope Jasper - This stuff is pretty damn amazing, it comes in a wide range of colours including a (rare) purple. This stones full name is kaleidoscope jasper because of the intense and changing pattern in each piece. Most piece I have, have a defining colour with a range of other colours mixed in in lines or blotches. More K-Scope Pics and Other K-Scope Pics.
Banded Obsidian - Obsidian is a naturally formed volcanic glass, depending on how the molten glass cools and the incluesions that get trapped inside the glass as it cools down will create different types such as the rainbow obsidian below. The banding in this obsidian is believed to be caused by variations inthe chemical composition of the molten glass as it comes up through cracks in the earth. The type of banded obsidian I have available is sometimes called Midnight Lace Obsidian, which is a black obsidian with silvery bands, and if cut at just the right angle the bands will take on a shimmery appearance, otherwise they appear more grey than silver. Another picture of the banded obsidian.

Purple Sheen Click Me

Gold Sheen Click Me

Rainbow Obsidian & Silver Sheen Obsidian - These colour sheen types of obsidian are formed by tiny bubbles being trapped inside the glass, the colour is created by the different minerals present as it cools. Rainbow obsidian as to be cut to very precise angles to acheive the best colour gradient, if slightly off it creates a more plain colour sheen, such as green, purple or blue. Silver & gold sheen is similar to the rainbow obsidian but is only 1 colour. I have a small amount of each of these available for pieces, as well as some plain black obsidian.

Red & Blue Ambers - Red amber is as the name suggests red in colour and really has a nice red glow when backlit and will work great as thick inlays into open back plugs or solid plugs. Suitable for all types of jewellery or inlays.

Blue amber is another stone that requires some light play to get the blue sheen to show which tends to work best outside in natural sunlight, inside or under artificial lighting it can appear orange/red much like a darker version of normal amber. Suitable for all types of jewellery or inlays.

Labradorite - This stone is a firm favourite and it is easy to see why, in certain angles/light the stone can appear grey or transparent but when cut and light hits the surface at the right angle it has this amazing colour flash. Colour of the flash can vary from dark to light blue, yellow to green, and orange. I am happy to search for a specific colour for you just let me know before ordering so I can check. Suitable for all types of jewellery or inlays.
Multi-Colour Picasso Jasper - This stone comes in just about every colour combination that there is take a look at the picture for just a small sample, here are just some of the colours; white, grey, black, red, blue, yellow, green, orange, and brown.
Lapis Lazuli - Top premium A grade lapis with a rich royal blue colour with pyrite specks are common, occasional white calcite inclusions specially in large pieces of jewellery. Suitable for all types of jewellery or inlays.

Opalite - This is a man made glass, it is a milk white/blue colour (orange/yellow when back light). Take a great polish and is suitable for all types of jewellery or inlays.

Ocean Jasper - Ocean jasper comes in a variety of colours (as seen in the pictures) formed with quartz crystals is common along with the many holes pieces are often riddled with can limit the size of pieces that can be made, suitable for a range of different items from plugs, labrets and inlays. The most common colours are shades of green with yellow orbs, but other colour combinations to exist.

Dark Green Aventurine - This material is absolutely one of my favourites and I have a full set (labret, plugs and nostril plugs) made from it. It is such a lovely colour and it is easy to see why it is often used as a jade substitute. I love carving this material as it holds up very well to lots of different ways of working it and is suitable for just about anything from plugs, labrets to solid weights and inlays.

Rutilated Quartz - I only have a limited amount of this wonderful material on hand, but the piece I do have is suitable for some pretty big plugs (I estimate 75mm-80mm plugs could be made) as well as a handful of smaller plugs and labrets. Please note that this material is on the pricey side due to it limited availability, if you are interested in having something made from this material please contact me to discuss your requirements.

Bloodstone - A dark green with a slightly blue tint to it, with red specks and patches this material polishes up to a wonderful shiny mirror finish. Suitable for a wide range of pieces; plugs, labrets, septum spikes etc..

Carnelian 2 Click Me

Carnelian - Carnelian's wonderful orange/red colour comes from heat being applied for a long period to the stone, traditionally this was a natural process that happened inside the earth, but records that date back a few thousand years show that humans have been artificially heating this material to achieve the same colour or enhance the colour. The two processes are difficult if not impossible to tell apart. Carnelian is an agate so does sometimes contain banding or other agate features, the colour can vary from light orange/yellow to a bright fiery/red. Suitable mostly for plugs or other solid pieces as it tends to fracture easily while carving.
Amethyst - This stone is a quartz, I have a massive range of colours from clear to grey to light purple to dark purple to black. It is common to have lighter or white chevron pattern. Suitable for all types of jewellery or inlays.
Amazonite - An interesting green stone that varies in shade of green from pale to a mid tone green. Has light green/white patterning to it. This material can be fragile so is only really suitable for plugs and labrets in sizes 8mm+.
Rose Quartz - I have a good amount of high quality bright pink rose quartz, excellent material takes the best polish and is suitable for all types of jewellery or inlays.
Noreena Jasper - This lush red stone comes from Australia and has some of the nicest patterns I have seen in a red jasper, often contains streaks/veins of yellow and patches of grey. Suitable for all types of jewellery or inlays.
Banded Agate - I have a huge selection of banded agate on hand, so far I have only cut a small selection of these and there is a huge range of earthy tones, colours and patterns. Suitable for all types of jewellery or inlays.
Yellow Tigers Eye - I have some excellent high quality tigers eye available for all types of jewellery or inlays. This stone is a bright yellow colour and has a wicked flash.
Blue Lace Agate - A love sky/baby blue colour material with white banding, Suitable for all types of jewellery or inlays. I currently only have a small amount of this on hand so please contact me if you are interested in jewellery made from this material.
Unakite - This stone is a type of jasper, mostly army green in colour with red or pink coloured patches or spots. Does occasionally have clear or black/grey colour streaks. Suitable for all types of jewellery or inlays.

Brown Goldstone - This redy/brown coloured stone is actually a man made glass with tiny specks of copper inside that give it is colouring. Very constant material occasionally has streaks of semi transparent glass (would only really affect large pieces 30mm+) and takes a good polish. Suitable for all types of jewellery or inlays.

Blue Goldstone - This is basically the same as the red goldstone but is a very dark blue colour.

Green Goldstone - This is similar to the blue and red goldstone but with slightly bigger specks inside, and looks very much like glitter, this glass is ever so slightly more transparent than the other two goldstones but will still make some really nice pieces.

Moss Agate Green Moss Agate - this stone is an all time popular choice by many people and it is easy to see why. This stone always has such intriguing depth, colour and pattern that vary with every piece carved. The range of colours with the greens vary, sometimes within the same piece of rough, occasionally has some milk-white to blue banding and rarely a druzy cave. This material is suitable for pretty much anything that I can carve from it and always makes excellent pieces.
Zoisite Zoisite - this gemstone has a mostly green base colour with patches of black and orange veins, with the odd silver (aluminum) coloured spec. This stone is opaque A lovely material that is suitable for plugs, labrets and other designs.
Cheetah Agate, suitable for all types of carving, I only have a few smaller pieces so sizes are limited. Takes a high glass like polish and has strong contrasting colours.
Lizard stone from cornwall UK! Has a nice mixture of lighter and darker greens, limited availability.
This slag glass comes in a range of colours (click the picture to see all the colours available) takes a nice polish and is suitable for all types of carving. Some pieces are transparent others opaque. Please enquire for current availability of colours.
Red Tigers Eye - I have some excellent high quality tigers eye available for all types of jewellery or inlays. This stone is a a nice bright red colour and has a wicked flash. Red tigers eye is created by carefully heating yellow tigers eye.