Goldstone is a man-made glass material, originally believed to be developed to imitate aventurine and the sparkly mica often found in that material.

Brown Goldstone - This redy/brown coloured stone is actually a man made glass with tiny specks of copper inside that give it is colouring. Very constant material occasionally has streaks of semi transparent glass (would only really affect large pieces 30mm+) and takes a good polish. Suitable for all types of jewellery or inlays.

Blue Goldstone - This is basically the same as the red goldstone but is a very dark blue colour.

Green Goldstone - This is similar to the blue and red goldstone but with slightly bigger specks inside, and looks very much like glitter, this glass is ever so slightly more transparent than the other two goldstones but will still make some really nice pieces.

Hardness- 5.5 Mohs scales

Stone Variety- Man Made Glass

Country of Origin- China

Suitable for:

  • Plugs/Eyelets
  • Labrets
  • Septum
  • Inlays