Black & White Ebony Wood Septum Pincher- Made to Order

christian good
I've gotten two of these from stonewolf, and they are perfect. Sadly you don't always get much differences with this wood but it's still worth it. Also he does an amazing job at getting the correct dimensions every time, I love it. Price is good too. 10/10...

Buffalo Horn Straight Septum Spike- Made to Order

David Buchar
I got a custom sized spike and it it awesome! Great quality and the natural look is perfect. Comfortable to wear as well....

Delrin Lip Plug Stretching Set for Labrets/Philtrums

David Buchar
The quality is amazing, everything is well sized, and the T-back is very comfortable to wear. Can't wait to reach the big size. ...

Delrin Lip Plug with Curved T-Back Stretched Labret

Kyle Hooykaas
This is the best labret I have ever worn. Period. The craftsmanship is impeccable and the polished finish is unlike any delrin labret I have seen before, not only does it look amazing, but it makes it very comfortable to wear. Everyone loves the look of a stone labret, but if you want something more durable for everyday wear - this is the best option I am aware of....

Maker's Choice Stone Philtrum Lip Plug Made to Order

Sarah Marshall
Just beautiful! I gave minimal instructions for what I was after, and the blue lace agate and bloodstone plugs I received are just perfect. Delivered earlier than anticipated, can’t wait to wear these bad boys!...

Banded Agate Stone Round Labret Made to Order

Eena Värne
Really nice fitting labret! I found my size specs fast and these are so comfy to wear. With the pattern I really didn't know what to expect, and I got nice light toned stripes. ...