Buffalo Horn Straight Septum Spike- Made to Order

David Buchar
I got a custom sized spike and it it awesome! Great quality and the natural look is perfect. Comfortable to wear as well....

Delrin Lip Plug Stretching Set for Labrets/Philtrums

David Buchar
The quality is amazing, everything is well sized, and the T-back is very comfortable to wear. Can't wait to reach the big size. ...

Delrin Lip Plug with Curved T-Back Stretched Labret

Kyle Hooykaas
This is the best labret I have ever worn. Period. The craftsmanship is impeccable and the polished finish is unlike any delrin labret I have seen before, not only does it look amazing, but it makes it very comfortable to wear. Everyone loves the look of a stone labret, but if you want something more durable for everyday wear - this is the best option I am aware of....

Maker's Choice Stone Philtrum Lip Plug Made to Order

Sarah Marshall
Just beautiful! I gave minimal instructions for what I was after, and the blue lace agate and bloodstone plugs I received are just perfect. Delivered earlier than anticipated, can’t wait to wear these bad boys!...

Banded Agate Stone Round Labret Made to Order

Eena Värne
Really nice fitting labret! I found my size specs fast and these are so comfy to wear. With the pattern I really didn't know what to expect, and I got nice light toned stripes. ...

Delrin Lip Plug for Stretched Labrets/Philtrums Made to Order

Michael Davies
I have been wanting to stretch my labret for many years, I bought a cheap labret stretching kit elsewhere, the plugs were horrible, uncomfortable and painful to wear. I purchased a few different sizes of these plugs to continue stretching. The quality of these plugs are amazing, wearing these plug, I easily forget that I have anything in my lip as they are so comfortable and light. I'm currently at 5.5mm, I've got a 6mm plug ready to upsize to my goal of 6mm soon, the only issue I have is that Stonewolf make so many nice labret plugs, that I may have to stretch to 8mm as I love some of the ovals that Russell makes. If anyone wants to stretch their labret, buy these or the labret stretching kit, you won't be disappointed....