About Us

I proudly make all the body jewellery for sale on this site here in the UK, in my very own workshop. All pieces of my jewellery are made from raw materials from scratch including all metal settings and bezels. I am also proud to be the first UK maker manufacturing stone plugs and labrets here in the UK, the only thing I import are raw materials carefully vetting all suppliers in the process. My prices reflect the time, hard work and passion that goes into each and every piece. The jewellery I make is handmade here in the UK unlike some sites that sell cheap, mass produced imported jewellery.

I offer a wide range of made to order pieces, if you can't see what you need or would like feel free to drop me an email as I can likely produce the item you are after. I also work on a lot of unique and one off pieces, as well as custom designs so if you have an idea for something you would like made please get in touch to discuss it. Please note that I will not work on ideas that contain copy right material e.g. logos or brand names.

I currently work with a range of materials from Delrin/PTFE, a few select woods, buffalo horn and antler, through to stone and I am able to produce a range of sizes/lengths as well as styles you might not find elsewhere. I use no adhesives in my designs, instead opting for hardware settings that provide a stronger longer lasting piece of jewellery, that also looks beautiful too. Both PTFE and Delrin can be autoclaved, but I only recommend PTFE for initial piercings as delrin been I use has dyed black with a carbon based dyed, and although rare could case irritation to fresh piercings or stretches.

I aim to get orders completed and sent out in 3-4 weeks, although this can vary specially at busy times of the year like the run up to Christmas and the complexity and size of your order. The majority of the time most orders are completed and shipped within 3-4 weeks. I will also contact you personally once you have placed your order to give you a rough estimate of my current production queue so you will have a good idea of when it will likely be ready and any delays that there might be. I operate a first in, first made and out production queue.

Wholesale! I am happy to work on wholesale orders for piercing studios please get in touch with your studio info and the products you are interested in so I can give you an idea of the discount you will receive off the retail prices. Depending on the size of the order you place it could take a month or longer to produce the items for you, I will let you know my best estimate when you place the order.