Arizona Petrified Wood

Arizona is well known for the 'Petrified Forest' and rainbow coloured petrified wood that comes from there. The petrified wood is fossilized wood so is super hard like stone, not like wood if you cut down a tree, these fossils are over 225 million years old! I am lucky enough to have several great pieces with a wide range of colours in there from grey to reds, to yellows, to purple and greens. Very hard and takes a great polish, some pieces do have fractures so scale of some projects maybe limited.

Hardness- 6-7 Mohs scales

Stone Variety- Chalcedony / Quartz

Country of Origin- Arizona, US

Suitable for:

  • Plugs
  • Labrets
  • Septum - Spike, tusks and pinchers
  • Inlay