Conditions of Use

Buyers should make sure that they read the item description for an item and not just look at the pictures, I provide pictures to help you see what the product you are purchasing is like, as such pictures may contain more items than are for sale per single quantity purchased and may contain multiple angles. Most items descriptions will clearly state the quantity so please make sure you ready the description. If you are in any doubt please contact me so I can clarify it for you.

Although I do my best to maintain the site and keep the products & quantities listed up-to-date, occasionally mistakes do happen, and also due to the sheer quantity of products/options that I stock/make I may not have removed an out of stock item from the shop before you purchase. This is only really like to happen with ready to ship items but if it does I will contact you to discuss the issue and come to a solution, this maybe as simple as waiting for me to make a another piece and send it to you.

Payment can be made via Credit/Debit Card and is secured by SagePay/Opayo the UK leading payment processor. Alternative methods are available such as PayPal. We also accept Klarna payments, Klarna offers such options as pay in 3 and financing, options available vary and depend on the order value and and being approved by klarna for credit (please see their website for more information).

Under the United Kingdom's Distance Selling Regulations custom made items are not liable for cancellation, body jewellery is also not liable for cancellation due to it's imitate nature. However I am happy to cancel an order and issue a refund as long as no production work has begun on it, if you notice an error with the selection your made when placing your order please contact me asap so that I can see if I am able to make the required changes to your items before they go into production. If your order required purchasing one off materials I count this has having started production, usually in this case you will have paid a deposit, I will however deal with these cases on a case by case basis. A cancellation fee of 5% to cover payment processing and refund fees that we don't get back may apply.

Returns and refunds are pretty much covered in the same regard as the above paragraph, if your item hasn't gone into production or shipped then I can process a refund. Returns on items of body jewellery are against UK health and safety laws as well as the distance selling regs, in regard to the reselling of these items and the associated health risk. If there is a problem i.e. it arrived damaged or broken, please contact me as soon as you receive the item, you will likely have to return the item and the original packaging to me (so please keep them save) so that I can forward both on to Royal mail to make a claim for the loss, this is the only exception for returns.

Also by using the site you are releasing us (the owner of the site) from any responsibility or liability for the actions of others or yourselves from use of the site or products purchased from the site, all items are provided without warranty. Any information given on this site is for documentation sake only and it is advised that you seek the proper professional help before you carry out anything yourself (such as stretching).