Yellow Tigers Eye

Tigers Eye forms in 3 colours, 2 of these are natural blue and yellow, tigers eye starts life out as crocidolite and is slowly replaced by quartz crystals, at early stages the colour remains blue at later stages it turns yellow. Red tigers eye is formed by heating yellow tigers eye, sometimes is can be natural but often doesn't affect the entire piece of tigers eye so you get a mix of yellow and red or very small red streaks. Most completely red tigers eye is man heated very carefully not to cause fractures in the material and turn it a permanent and lovely red hue. I have some excellent high quality tigers eye available for all types of jewellery or inlays.

Hardness- 5.5-6 Mohs scales

Stone Variety- Quartz

Country of Origin- South Africa

Suitable for:

  • Plugs/Eyelets
  • Labrets
  • Septum - Spikes, Tusks, Pinchers
  • Inlays