Pair of Picasso Jasper Stone Plugs Double Flared Made to Order


Stonewolf is outstanding in both customer service and quality of work. I contacted their company with specific demands, a challenge given the unpredictability of stone work. Russell, with whom I corresponded, emailed me pictures of four different stones with penciled outlines drawn where the cuts would be made, giving me the choice of which to use. All great stones, I chose one that was close to what I had envisioned.
I had placed my order close to Christmas, so it was unlikely I'd receive the plugs in time to give them as a gift (my original plan). Russell came up with the idea of emailing me a picture of the finished plugs, which I could print out and place in a nice box as a temporary gift. Very thoughtful!
When the plugs did arrive, they exceeded my expectations; they are such a unique pair of plugs that I don't think I could dream up, let alone find somewhere else. Stonewolf took what I described, made it real, and made it better!
Stonewolf excels in quality, creativity, thoughtfulness, and customer service. My highest recommendations for their company and my highest regards for the people behind it.
Date Added: 02/13/2015 by Megan Ouellet