Delrin Double Flared Eyelet - Made to Order

Tobias Lohmann
I've been wearing my pair for a while now, and they are absolutely wonderful

PTFE Lip Plug Half Sizes for Stretched Labrets/Philtrums

Ashley Lund
Great quality, exactly what I ordered, smooth and comfortable. Will definitely be ordering more items frome these guys....

Black & White Ebony Wood Septum Pincher- Made to Order

christian good
I've gotten two of these from stonewolf, and they are perfect. Sadly you don't always get much differences with this wood but it's still worth it. Also he does an amazing job at getting the correct dimensions every time, I love it. Price is good too. 10/10...

Buffalo Horn Straight Septum Spike- Made to Order

David Buchar
I got a custom sized spike and it it awesome! Great quality and the natural look is perfect. Comfortable to wear as well....

Delrin Lip Plug Stretching Set for Labrets/Philtrums

David Buchar
The quality is amazing, everything is well sized, and the T-back is very comfortable to wear. Can't wait to reach the big size. ...

Delrin Lip Plug with Curved T-Back Stretched Labret

Kyle Hooykaas
This is the best labret I have ever worn. Period. The craftsmanship is impeccable and the polished finish is unlike any delrin labret I have seen before, not only does it look amazing, but it makes it very comfortable to wear. Everyone loves the look of a stone labret, but if you want something more durable for everyday wear - this is the best option I am aware of....

Maker's Choice Stone Philtrum Lip Plug Made to Order

Sarah Marshall
Just beautiful! I gave minimal instructions for what I was after, and the blue lace agate and bloodstone plugs I received are just perfect. Delivered earlier than anticipated, can’t wait to wear these bad boys!...

Banded Agate Stone Round Labret Made to Order

Eena Värne
Really nice fitting labret! I found my size specs fast and these are so comfy to wear. With the pattern I really didn't know what to expect, and I got nice light toned stripes. ...

Delrin Lip Plug for Stretched Labrets/Philtrums Made to Order

Michael Davies
I have been wanting to stretch my labret for many years, I bought a cheap labret stretching kit elsewhere, the plugs were horrible, uncomfortable and painful to wear. I purchased a few different sizes of these plugs to continue stretching. The quality of these plugs are amazing, wearing these plug, I easily forget that I have anything in my lip as they are so comfortable and light. I'm currently at 5.5mm, I've got a 6mm plug ready to upsize to my goal of 6mm soon, the only issue I have is that Stonewolf make so many nice labret plugs, that I may have to stretch to 8mm as I love some of the ovals that Russell makes. If anyone wants to stretch their labret, buy these or the labret stretching kit, you won't be disappointed....

PTFE Lip Plug Stretching Set for Labrets/Philtrums

Leila Merry
very happy with this lip stretching kit!very well made quality items and great service!came before ETA to!will recommend to everyone!thank you!...

Brown Goldstone Glass Oval Labret Made to Order

Alex Butler
soooooooo purrrrfect!!!!!! Thank you soo much I Love them<3

Bloodstone Stone Oval Labret Made to Order

Alex Butler
comfortable and beautiful.....thank you :) <3

Pair of Lapis Lazuli Stone Plugs Double Flared Made to Order

CB Morgan
These were bought for me as a birthday present and despit its proximity to Christmas they arrived in time which I really appreciated. They are truly beautiful like a starry Persian night sky. Russell is very talented. Unique and beautifully made. ...

PTFE Lip Plug for Stretched Labrets/Philtrums Made to Order

Lucy'Louise Smith
amazing quality product, despite the christmas rush really communicative. 10/10 would purchase from again...

Labradorite Stone Oval Labret Made to Order

Marion Béchade
Excellent work!
Russel made the perfect labret piece for me after we discussed about it.
It's really easy to ask what you want because the service is very attentive, personalized and helpful.

I was dreaming for so long of a beautiful labradorite labret, and Stonewolf Adornments satisfied my request at 200%!

I highly recommend this shop for all those who want THE BEST tailored jewelry.


Delrin Oval Labret Made to Order Stretched Labret

Jacob Klavsen
Excellent labret piece, just switched from an 11 mm round labret to a 12 mm delrin oval. It fits perfectly and the back curve is great. Highly recommended for stretching your lip :)


Rose Quartz Stone Oval Labret Made to Order

Dacey McGivern
Top craftmanship, these pieces are made perfectly to the specifications I requested and the surface polish is superb. The wide oval shape I requested looks so cool and I feel like it will make a good hider piece for when I reach my goal size.
Shipping was very fast and I'm just really happy with the customer service in general - thanks again....

Pair of Picasso Jasper Stone Plugs Double Flared Made to Order

Megan Ouellet
Stonewolf is outstanding in both customer service and quality of work. I contacted their company with specific demands, a challenge given the unpredictability of stone work. Russell, with whom I corresponded, emailed me pictures of four different stones with penciled outlines drawn where the cuts would be made, giving me the choice of which to use. All great stones, I chose one that was close to what I had envisioned.
I had placed my order close to Christmas, so it was unlikely I'd receive the plugs in time to give them as a gift (my original plan). Russell came up with the idea of emailing me a picture of the finished plugs, which I could print out and place in a nice box as a temporary gift. Very thoughtful!
When the plugs did arrive, they exceeded my expectations; they are such a unique pair of plugs that I don't think I could dream up, let alone find somewhere else. Stonewolf took what I described, made it real, and made it better!
Stonewolf excels in quality, creativity, thoughtfulness, and customer service. My highest recommendations for their company and my highest regards for the people behind it....